The projects below were created in order to show the connection between Theology and The Arts. If you want to use or showcase my work please contact me via the bookings request form.


Wisdom | 10.26.18

A visual piece that invites attendees to co-create and write their wisdom quotes on the mannequins.

The wisdom quotes include wisdom passed down from one generation to the next.

A Love Letter To Wisdom | 09.13.18

An original spoken word piece inspired by the Wisdom of Solomon 7:26 - 8:1 and performed at James Chapel, Union Theological Seminary.

Bodies: Heaven & Earth | 05.02.18

My visual pieces show the sexualization of women’s bodies on Earth in contrast to the view of women’s bodies through the eyes of The Divine.

The “Earth” mannequin is composed of objects and words that are used to sexualize women’s bodies here on Earth, and all the ways women carry this sexualization on a daily basis.

The “Heaven” mannequin is spray painted in the colors of the rainbow and clothed with 1,881 mirrors. By using only mirrors I wanted women to be able to look at the “Heaven” mannequin and in seeing their reflection experience beauty through the eyes of The Divine. That in seeing their own reflection they are reminded that they are beautiful just as they are.

APPROVED - Gender, Power, Pulpit

A visual piece showing how diverse bodies create a pulpit space.

An original spoken word piece for The Power Of Our Voices National Mentorship Launch & Leadership Forum for Women of Color in Ministry.


The Divine In Movement

A visual piece that attempts to answer, how the Divine shows up in movement in non-traditional worship/praise dances and outside of churches?